Cricova national wine collection

Cricova Winery: The Kingdom of Wine of Moldova

During our trip to Chisinau and the north part of the Republic of Moldova, we had an opportunity to visit a winery. Our Moldovan friends insisted that this is a must-do when in Moldova, so we listened to their recommendation.

Considering Moldova’s long standing tradition in producing wine, there are a few estates that have opened up in a museum style to showcase wine making methods but also their amazing cellars and wine collections. Cricova Winery is one of them.

We visited the underground galleries at Cricova, learnt more about the traditional process of making sparkling wine, saw the National Wine Collection and enjoyed a wine tasting experience. We share more about our experience below.

I love Chisinau


Have you ever been to a country that speaks Romanian, eats Romanian food and has similar traditions? Nope, it’s not Romania, it’s the Republic of Moldova. Yep – you read that right.

Our travels brought us to Chisinau – the least visited European capital. Chisinau is a city off the tourist beaten path. Read in this article about our experience in this young nation’s capital and our recommendations on what to visit and where to eat.