Dugald Stewart Monument


Few know the splendour of this constituent country of the U.K. and it’s capital city Edinburgh with its wonderful landscapes and dark stone. Although the buildings’ architecture come across cold and gloomy, the people are as warm and cheerful as a summer’s day. Read below why Edinburgh should be a Read more…

Palace of Westminster


Have you ever seen that scene in James Bond, Skyfall where at the end he is overlooking London in all its splendour? Sunny rays washing the rooftops of some of the most iconic buildings in London. As the old Victorian saying goes that the Sun never sets over the British Empire the same can be said about London.

A city with a history that stretches over millennia, London, has become one of the world’s centres. Its rich cultural heritage make it a prime spot for new trends to emerge and shape modern society.

We invite you to explore with us this gem and amazing city that we call home.