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I am Paul and together with my wife, Hristina, we love travelling. I am originally from Romania. I am a sales professional. We enjoy city breaks and long haul destinations. We also like cooking and my passion is baking! In order to burn the calories from all that eating (hehe) we also cycle. If you want to connect please follow me on: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Acropolis, Athens


Welcome to Athens, the cradle of Western civilisation and a city steeped in history, mythology, and vibrant culture. Nestled in the heart of Greece, Athens is a captivating blend of ancient ruins, Byzantine churches, neoclassical architecture, and bustling modernity. Whilst architecturally, Athens may not be in line with the likes of Madrid or Paris, it […]

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Venice Gondola rides


Walking through Venice is like a dream come true. The Wonderful Island never ceases to amaze anyone coming to its shores. A city filled with tourists from all around the world who have come to immerse themselves in a trip of a lifetime. We spent four amazing days in this incredible city and in this

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Sighisoara Clock Tower


Sighisoara is one of those enchanting towns in Romania set in the mystical Transylvanian region. Travel back in time to Europe’s only inhabited medieval fort lived continuously since its foundation. Although fairly far away from the likes of Bucharest or Cluj-Napoca, Sighisoara will surely not disappoint and definitely warrants a city break. In this article

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Shinkansen train and Paul

A Complete Guide to the Japan Rail Pass and Booking the Shinkansen

Japan is a country like no other. Aside from its wonderful scenic views and iconic architecture, the country offers a world class transportation system. Amongst these are the world famous Japanese bullet trains or shinkansen. In this guide we aim to uncover the steps you need to take to travel the shinkansen network with your

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Japan mount Fuji

The Ultimate Japan Travel Itinerary for First Timers: 2 Weeks in Japan

In this article we aim to uncover the perfect 2 week itinerary for first timers in Japan. We aim to arm you with the right tools and advice to help you explore Japan with confidence. Join us as we embark on an exploration of this enchanting archipelago, where the old and the new converge to

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Lucerne lake and bridge


Have you ever looked up a travel website and seen these amazing scenes of Lucerne? Marvellous wooden bridges crossing Lake Lucerne from where you can see the wonderful city washed in the bright Swiss Sun nested in a valley with snow covered peaks. We absolutely guarantee that once you step into Lucerne a permanent imprint

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Antwerp Town Hall


Antwerp is an amazing city nested on the river Scheldt. We visited it during our 2023 Interrail trip and truly enjoyed the magnificent architecture but also impressive train station. Although few venture to visit this city, we believe it warrants more than just a stopover on your way to bigger cities around Europe. Read more

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Milan cathedral square


I will always remember Milan. I remember when we went down for breakfast at the hotel and we were greeted with a Pavarotti style Buon Giorno! Slightly intimidated, it made me wonder if this was all on my account. Little did I know that all the people in this city are all glittering and radiant

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Petite France


Strasbourg is a particularly picturesque city, one of the most beautiful and coquette French cities within the Alsace region. Walking down the narrow yet intriguing streets you can explore century old houses revealing a very German-French architecture. Often overlooked, this is a city that deserves your attention just as much as Paris or any other

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Zytglogge Fountain


Bern is surprisingly green and picturesque city. A city that compensates for its grey and monotonous architecture with folklore inspired fountains and lush greenery surrounding the city. One might think when they’re in Bern that they are in a Swiss park with occasional trams passing by. Below we list our impression of the city and

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