Presidencia de la República Dominicana

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, the city of explorers. In this article we propose to uncover this wonderful and historically rich capital of the Caribbean’s. In many respects here, Europeans but namely the Spanish brought technology, their building skills and also set forward their base of operations for the Americas.

This is the place where Christopher Columbus and his family have ruled and have set out on their voyages and expeditions. Here is the place where the first cathedral, first street and first university in the Americas were built.


Punta Cana

Blue sea, a gentle blow of wind in your hair, white fine sands … this is what any person who has been to Punta Cana will describe. Whether you’re looking to spend your honeymoon, holiday or simply looking for an excuse to have a longer get away, Punta Cana will always offer holidaymakers a sense of self-restoration and relaxation.

We chose this destination for our honeymoon and in this article we would love to share with you our experience and why we would return.