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We are Paul & Hristina, husband and wife. We live in London, UK and enjoy budget friendly luxury travel and sampling local cuisines. Join us for an adventure around the world.
Paul Nabosnyi

Paul Nabosnyi


I am Paul and together with my wife, Hristina, we love travelling. I am originally from Romania. I am an IT sales professional. We enjoy city breaks and long haul destinations. We also like cooking and my passion is baking! In order to burn the calories from all that eating (hehe) we also cycle.

Hristina portrait

Hristina Nabosnyi


I am Hristina, a keen traveller and ice-cream lover. Love taking photos during our trips and it's so great to be able to share these photos and our experiences with you. I enjoy beach holidays and city breaks as well as exploring the local areas by bike.


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