Gifts for Travellers and Travel Lovers

Gifts for Travellers and Travel Lovers

If you are wondering what to gift a person who loves travelling or if you are looking for gifts for someone travelling abroad, then this article might help you with some ideas.

We have been travelling together since 2010 and we have some favourite items and must-have travel gadgets that we know you would love as well. So if you are in the search for cool and useful gifts, then read on.

Cricova national wine collection

Cricova Winery: The Kingdom of Wine of Moldova

During our trip to Chisinau and the north part of the Republic of Moldova, we had an opportunity to visit a winery. Our Moldovan friends insisted that this is a must-do when in Moldova, so we listened to their recommendation.

Considering Moldova’s long standing tradition in producing wine, there are a few estates that have opened up in a museum style to showcase wine making methods but also their amazing cellars and wine collections. Cricova Winery is one of them.

We visited the underground galleries at Cricova, learnt more about the traditional process of making sparkling wine, saw the National Wine Collection and enjoyed a wine tasting experience. We share more about our experience below.

Salina Turda - Theresa Mine

Salina Turda: The Salt Mine in Romania with an Underground Amusement Park

Salina Turda is a must visit salt mine in Romania with a twist – the Salina Turda amusement park. Yes, you read that right, there is a theme part in this salt mine in Romania. A truly magical day out for you and your family.

If activities are your main drive, then Rudolf Mine has a range of fun activities for kids and adults including an amphitheatre, sports pitch, bowling, mini-golf, table tennis etc. and a panoramic wheel/ Ferris wheel located 120m underground.

Continue in the Theresa Mine, where you can even rent a boat on the salty lake and see the mine from a different perspective. Interested to find out more about Salina Turda? Then read more below.

The Great Pyramid of Giza and camel ride

Cairo & The Pyramids of Giza: What You Need to Know

This trip has always been on our bucket list. Have you ever seen something in so many text books and movies and then have that awkward feeling of realisation that you’re actually standing right in front of it?

We did with the Pyramids. As one of Egypt‘s iconic archaeological sites, the Giza Pyramid complex is a must for anyone in this world. They obviously invite one question: ‘How were they built, and why?’

Read more below about our experience travelling to Cairo and seeing the Pyramids on a camel!

Therme Bucharest view from above

Therme Bucharest – All You Need to Know

Have you ever thought of Bucharest, Romania as a spa and wellness destination? If not, then add Therme Bucharest to your bucket list.

Therme Bucharest, one of the biggest wellness, relaxation and entertainment centres in Europe, has an indoor temperature of 30°C/86°F and a water temperature of 33°C/91°F, every month of the year.

The thermal water makes its way from deep underground to supply 10 pools, 6 saunas, 4 wet saunas and 16 water slides.

Therme Bucharest opened to the public in 2016 and we have been visiting this amazing place at least once a year since then. Read why below.


Package Holidays vs. Independent Travel: What You Need to Know

Thomas Cook was one of the early pioneers of a business model soon to be named in pop culture as “package holidays”. Ever since his first organised railway trip in 1841, Thomas Cook realised there is a sound business model.

From there onwards for two centuries people only booked their travel using travel agents they trusted and going on packaged tours.

However, in today’s ever connected and globalised world and with the .com bubble, it made the travel industry question whether this model is still viable. Explore with us below some of the pros and cons of each model and see which one fits best your needs.

airplane and airport

Top Tips on How to Find Cheap Flights

Flight travel has become a commodity and in many respects the main way to travel especially across long distances. In the past, a journey taking you 4 days to go from London to Paris might have been just normal but not by today’s standards.

Read below some of our tips on how to get the best prices for your flights and also learn tips and tricks when booking your flights.