Hotel Malibu Mamaia

Hotel Malibu Mamaia: Hotel at the Romanian Black Sea Coast

We booked a short beach holiday at the Romanian seaside in Mamaia near Constanta. We had a few days in Bucharest en route to Chisinau, Moldova and instead of staying in Bucharest, we decided to pay a visit to the Black Sea.

We stood at Hotel Malibu in Mamaia and decided to share our experience of this beautiful hotel. Great location on the beach, excellent service, wide sandy beach, amazing views towards the sea and/or Tabacarie Lake, comfortable room equipped with all you need and much more.

Mamaia Beach


Sun, sea and beautiful beaches, you could be thinking we’re talking about Punta Cana or Playa del Carmen, Cancun however, no. We’re referring to Romania’s top Riviera Resort – Mamaia.

Believe it or not, Romania, like other Black Sea countries has a wide range of sea side resorts amongst which Mamaia. Discover below why you should consider visiting this resort and what can you do here.

Salina Turda - Theresa Mine

Salina Turda: The Salt Mine in Romania with an Underground Amusement Park

Salina Turda is a must visit salt mine in Romania with a twist – the Salina Turda amusement park. Yes, you read that right, there is a theme part in this salt mine in Romania. A truly magical day out for you and your family.

If activities are your main drive, then Rudolf Mine has a range of fun activities for kids and adults including an amphitheatre, sports pitch, bowling, mini-golf, table tennis etc. and a panoramic wheel/ Ferris wheel located 120m underground.

Continue in the Theresa Mine, where you can even rent a boat on the salty lake and see the mine from a different perspective. Interested to find out more about Salina Turda? Then read more below.

Hotel Cismigiu outside view

Hotel Cismigiu: A Hotel at the Heart of Bucharest

If you are visiting Bucharest for a city break, business trip or longer stay, Hotel Cismigiu is the perfect place to book for your accommodation. Situated in the city centre, with wonderful architecture and spacious suites, this hotel will provide you with everything you need during your stay.

Read more below about our experience at this hotel and why you should consider Hotel Cismigiu for your next trip to Bucharest. We also have an exclusive 10% discount for your next stay, read more below.

Therme Bucharest view from above

Therme Bucharest – All You Need to Know

Have you ever thought of Bucharest, Romania as a spa and wellness destination? If not, then add Therme Bucharest to your bucket list.

Therme Bucharest, one of the biggest wellness, relaxation and entertainment centres in Europe, has an indoor temperature of 30°C/86°F and a water temperature of 33°C/91°F, every month of the year.

The thermal water makes its way from deep underground to supply 10 pools, 6 saunas, 4 wet saunas and 16 water slides.

Therme Bucharest opened to the public in 2016 and we have been visiting this amazing place at least once a year since then. Read why below.

Peles castle


Sinaia, the famous mountainous city where the Royal Aldovian Romanian ( 😉 ) family reside. Although, Netflix seems to have brought international fame to this mountain resort by choosing it for its famous Christmas movies, Sinaia has always enjoyed the spotlight when it comes to attention.

Read more below why Sinaia is a Romanian city like no other and how the Royal Romanian Family chose this place for their palaces.

Brasov Christmas Market

Why should your next Christmas Market visit be in Romania?

As we dash off into the Festive Season and pour another glass of port or sherry and snack one more chorizo infused cheesy chicken canape, I’m reminded of a few things. Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” (sorry), hearty family meals and… Christmas Markets.

And sure, whilst the Germans were the first to introduce them here in Europe, almost as a sign of appreciation for the Festive Season that was about to come, they have been widely adopted across the continent.

We explore 4 Christmas markets in 4 distinct cities: Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca and invite you to read more about this European tradition but also why your next Christmas Market should be a Romanian one.

Romanian Parliament


If there was a city more mistaken for another, it would be Bucharest. Yes – what a way to start this article! During Michael Jackson’s visit in 1992, he greeted the crowd thinking he’s in Budapest.

Looking back at the many artists that followed him – Metallica, Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne, they all thought they are in the Hungarian capital.

But are the two cities that similar? The answer is simple – No. Bucharest has a unique and distinct architecture much of it being influenced by French and Belgian architecture and no wonder during the interwar period it was called “Little Paris”. Its large boulevards filled with cafes and busy night life offer tourists a bit of everything.