Case Study: Cricova Winery: Helping this Brand Reassure its Audience

The pearl of Moldovan winemaking, “Cricova”, is located right in the heart of the Republic of Moldova. The history of the Cricova Winery began in 1952 when the issue of wine storage and maturing facilities arose.

Back then, two prominent Moldovan winemakers Petru Ungureanu and Nicolae Sobolev, proposed that wine is stored in the tunnels where limestone was extracted from. It was later discovered that this underground storage has unique microclimate, created by nature itself, which is perfect for the production and maturation of high quality wines.

The main issue highlighted by the Cricova team was that given the geo-political issues in the region and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, they have noticed a certain reluctance from their target audience to visit the estate.

The article focused on our experience but also we agreed with the brand to highlight the ease of getting from Chisinau and that overall it was a safe location despite ongoing regional tensions issues at the time.

Original article:

As we toured the winery, we were struck by the vast underground galleries that house over 1.3 million bottles of wine. The galleries are a true engineering marvel, and the temperature-controlled environment is ideal for aging wine to perfection.

During our tour, we had the opportunity to taste some of the winery’s most exquisite wines. Each wine had a unique flavour profile, and we were blown away by the quality of the wine produced by Cricova Winery.

What really stood out to us was the winery’s commitment to sustainability. Cricova Winery utilizes traditional production methods, and they prioritize the use of locally sourced materials and labour. We aimed to showcase this in the article and furthermore to mention that this is one of the few wineries which makes sparkling wine according to the traditional Champagne method.

Overall, we tried to encapsulate our authentic experience and we believe our article met the brand’s request of portraying the location with a sense of reassurance. A fact which was seen in the hundreds of TripAdvisor external clicks suggesting a strong interest as a result of our article.

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