Hotel Lion Borovets view

Hotel Lion Borovets – A Sincere Review That Drove External Clicks

Hotel Lion Borovets partnered with us to create an honest review and video tour showcasing their amenities. Within just three months of launching the review article, we were able to register north of 700 external clicks to third-party booking sites and TripAdvisor. The review highlighted the hotel’s exceptional amenities, prime location, and stunning views, while the video tour provided an immersive experience for viewers. The results helped drive external clicks, increased bookings, and revenue for the hotel.

Hotel Cismigiu outside view

Hotel Cismigiu – A Captivating Review That Boosted Direct Bookings’s review of Hotel Cismigiu in Bucharest, Romania boosted direct bookings for the boutique hotel. The review highlighted the recently refurbished building, modern apartments, and spectacular brasserie, garnering 2400 unique views in just six months. The review generated 450 direct clicks to the hotel’s booking page, leading to higher occupancy rates and increased revenue. Hotel Cismigiu credited the review with raising their profile and attracting more guests. This case study illustrates the power of a well-written and honest review in driving traffic to a hotel’s booking page and increasing revenue.

Hotel Malibu Mamaia

Hotel Malibu in Mamaia, Romania – A Stunning View that Draws Guests In

Our review of Hotel Malibu’s apartments in Mamaia, Romania, emphasizing their luxurious amenities and stunning balcony views, drew in over 100 visitors to the hotel’s TripAdvisor profile page in just two months. The review, posted on a our blog, received 1500 views and inspired many potential guests to book their stay at the hotel. This case study highlights the power of a well-written review and its impact on a hotel’s online presence.

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