Hotel Cismigiu – A Captivating Review That Boosted Direct Bookings

Hotel Cismigiu is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. Situated on the grounds of the old Hotel Cismigiu, the hotel has recently undergone extensive refurbishments, and it now offers stunning apartments and a rooftop bistro with spectacular views.

We worked closely with the Hotel Manager to provide an honest and insightful review of their offering and in addition to social media posts and engaging stories, we wrote a detailed review of our stay.

Hotel review article: Hotel Cismigiu: A Hotel at the Heart of Bucharest

Our review was published on and it gained 2400 unique views within just six months. The review encapsulated the hotel’s beautifully refurbished building, highlighting the luxurious and modern apartments that were now available for guests to enjoy. In addition to this, we also emphasized the hotel’s amazing rooftop bistro where breakfast was served, which offered stunning views of the surrounding park.

The review quickly caught the attention of potential guests, and within six months, it had generated 450 direct clicks to the hotel’s booking page. This was a significant boost in direct bookings for the hotel, which ultimately resulted in higher occupancy rates and increased revenue.

Hotel Cismigiu’s management team was thrilled with the results of the review and expressed their appreciation for the honesty and integrity of the review, which accurately reflected the hotel’s offering and amenities.

In conclusion, our review of Hotel Cismigiu on helped boost direct bookings for the hotel, resulting in higher occupancy rates and increased revenue.

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